Need a Simple WordPress Website ?

Want to go online quickly?

Looking for an inexpensive way to create a website?

This plan would suit someone looking to create a basic WordPress website & then optimize it with different plugins as well as implement SEO best practices. We have built a repository of trust worthy plugins & add-on services that would help you quickly get off ground

Optimized WordPress Website at just $249

Bizmindz can help you implement an optimized WordPress website using a free or paid theme of your choice carrying out the activities as below

Domain Setup & Configuration

We will take care of setting up the domain, name servers, pointing it to the server etc. If needed, we can help you choose a suitable hosting company & a domain registrar. Even though WordPress is extremely user friendly, you often get lost while trying to set-up your first WordPress website especially when you start getting into the not-so-easy processes
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Installing Theme & Uploading Demo Content

We are comfortable working with any WordPress theme that you might want to use. Our team will implement the theme, activate all the plugins bundled with the theme & also load the demo content which would make it easy for you to edit & replace with your own content
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SSL Certificate Implementation

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server & a browser. SSL not only helps add another layer of security to your WordPress website but also tells Google that your site is credible which is know to help in SEO ranking

Configuration & Setup of Plugins

Over time we have built a repository of Plugin-ins that would help you improve the website & it's visibility. We maintain a constantly updated list of plugins that help in website optimization, SEO, conversion, automation etc. We understand that a website is a long term investment so we make sure that you get your first step right & are equipped with all the necessary tools for the long run
Search Engine Submission

Submission of the Website to the Major Search Engines

Organic traffic is very valuable for any business. Once your website is live, we take care of submitting it to the major search engines to be indexed like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex etc. This will ensure that your website pops up in search results when people search for you using these search engines
CakePHP Development Team

WordPress Training & Expert Recommendations

Once the WordPress website is live, we will help you find your way through updating & edit content. We will also share tons of resources, recommendations etc to guide you through SEO, gaining more visibility, enhancing security, improving productivity etc

Our Differentiators

We believe in empowering our clients by providing solutions that help them become better & further educate them on best practices. Our philosophy is to become our client's trusted partner & help them grow; which would in-turn help us grow

Transparent Development

Our clients are always kept in the loop all throughout the development process for timely feedback, alignment of timelines & the progress of the project

0% Upfront Payment

Bizmindz believes the first step for a good relationship is building trust; for that reason we invoice for this plan only once we have deployed the WordPress website

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we strive to dig into the real need behind the need; thereby developing solutions that solve business problems

Streamlined Communication

We use a user friendly project management tool to streamline all communication around a project to avoid important information getting lost in a long trail of emails or calls.

IP Ownership

We work strictly on a 'work for hire' basis which means we would-not retain ownership to any of the development work that we do for you

Affordable Cost

Our development cost starts at as low as $16/hour which make us very pocket friendly but at the same time get enterprise like quality for start-ups & mid-sized companies

WordPress Development Services offered by Bizmindz

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Website Support & Maintenance

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Create websites that captivate users

Build your dream website quickly & affordably

We intend to fast track website deployment for our clients

We are trusted by our clients because of our values, quality of service & proactive support. We are a friendly bunch of people, give us a shout..!!
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