Zend Framework packages have more than 267 million installations. It can be used to develop solutions using PHP 5.6+, and provides 100% object-oriented code

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Advantages Of PHP Development Using Zend

Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages and uses Composer as a package dependency manager; PHPUnit to test all packages; and Travis CI as a Continuous Integration service. Zend Framework also follows PHP-FIG standards, and includes an implementation of PSR-7 for HTTP message interfaces
  • Easy To Use Drag
    & Drop Editor
  • Immediate Online Debugging
  • PHP Unit Testing Tools
  • Connected Database Wizard
  • Cryptographic Coding Tools
Development Process

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Zend Framework is an Open Source Framework for developing web applications and services with PHP 5. Zend Framework is implemented using 100% object-oriented code. Zend was structured using singular components with only few dependencies on other components. This kind of loosely coupled architecture allows coders easily use individual components; often called as "use-at-will" design.
Zend Framework components in the standard library combined together form a powerful and extensible web application framework. Zend offers a scalable, high speed MVC implementation, easy to use database abstraction, & a forms component that implements HTML form rendering, validation, and filtering; consolidating these operations via one easy-to-use, Object Oriented Interface
Module Flexibility
Module Flexibility

Zend offers a number of modules for adding functionality saving time while coding. Plus, the modules can be customized as per the business requirement

MVC Architecture

The MVC architecture of Zend framework facilitates better sorting of the files & coding. Also, coding is made simpler & faster thanks to the inbuilt libraries within the Zend framework.


The Zend framework can help in easily extending many PHP applications or website functionality. It is highly scalable for customization & future use, ensuring that your application is future-ready.

Practical Components

MVC, Session Management, RAD tools, Search Components, Databases Authentication, etc., can be used in combination with others for creating Object-Oriented Applications

Software Security

The Cryptographic Tools within the Zend Framework ensures better Security for Websites or the Application users as the Algorithms Encrypt & Decrypt user data efficiently

Multiple Database support
Multiple Database Support

Zend Framework supports databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL, etc. Further, it enables porting of the Database without code change, simplifying the Development Process

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Bizmindz is dedicated to offering high-quality affordable Zend development services aligned to your business goals and long term process road-map. Our aim is to deliver solutions that drive and augment your core business activities. Interested to know more about us?

Zend Web Development Services

We have our niche in building performance intensive functionality rich PHP applications using Zend Framework. We believe in delivering robust and scalable code, and end-to -end custom Zend Web Development services that help our clients achieve their business goals

Zend Website Upgrade and Migration

Bizmindz can help you migrate your existing Zend website to the latest version of the Zend Framework with minimum downtime keeping your technology stack up-to date and free from critical errors which might hurt your revenue and online presence

Zend Maintenance & Support services

Let Bizmindz take care of the plumbing work while you focus on your core responsibilities. Our Zend experts will track down bugs and fix them, apply security patches and maintenance releases whenever necessary; which will ultimately help you ensure good security & keep your business critical applications running

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