Yii can handle a fairly staggering number of requests per second. A variety of easily-accessible inbuilt tools are available to secure the application from cyber attack

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Advantages Of PHP Development Using Yii

Yii is regarded as one of the strongest frameworks for developing robust web applications with comparatively minimal effort. It is competent, extensible and very reliable to create solutions that outperform
  • Cost Effective
  • Simplified CRUD
    Application Development
  • Very Extensible
  • Security at it’s Core
  • Robust caching
  • Social Media
    Friendly Modules
  • Extensions Availability
  • Performance Intensive

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Yii is a free open source web application development framework and is extremely optimized for performance . It's Caching capacity is far superior to most of its competitors. Yii's popularity & adoption continues to grow at an ever increasing rate even now
Yii is one of the fastest PHP frameworks out there, best for creating large scale Web 2.0 applications. Yii is capable of being used for developing any kind of web applications, but is best suited for high traffic web applications like Portals, Forums, Social Media sites etc

Yii framework has been known for extreme performance compared to a number of other frameworks out there

Caching Capability

Yii provides various caching components to store cached data in different media. Yii has one of the best caching capability among PHP frameworks

Software Customization
Customization Friendly

Customization of Yii based applications is relatively easy, as it has a very simple code structure & is purely object oriented

Third Party Code Friendly

Yii framework is designed to easily work with third party systems. You can also use code from PEAR or Zend Framework in your Yii application.


Cross-site scripting prevention, cross-site request forgery prevention & cookie attack prevention, also client & serer side validation ensure better security

Automate Processes
Ease of Setting Up

PHP based Yii framework is regarded as an easy to install framework by developers without much hassle & trouble

Our Yii Based Services

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Bizmindz is efficiently able to provide you development services with a relatively low overhead. We provide a range of services around Yii development with the support of our deeply experienced web application development team. Interested to know more about us?

Custom Yii Development Services

Using the Yii framework we can help you quickly prototype, develop and deploy applications leveraging the inbuilt security tools and processes. We deliver secure robust software, and offer custom Yii Web Development services that help our clients absorb and improve their unique internal business processes

Yii Integration and CMS Development

Bizmindz can assit you in connecting your Yii applications with your CRM, ERP, Invoicing, HRM, etc to help you improve the output by eradicating technology silos. We also help in building custom CMS's tailored to your internal processes based on Yii for further improving the management of content reducing human effort

Yii Maintenance & Support services

We can help you with the technology side of things, so that you get to focus on the business side. Our Yii team will help you find and resolve bugs, security patches application and managing maintenance releases whenever necessary; which in the long run will help you ensure that your applications are secure & up-to date

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