Over 80% of all websites where the server technology is known uses PHP. PHP is commonly preferred by most programmers because of its efficiency, user control and user-friendliness

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Advantages of Using PHP for Development

PHP is an extensively used programming language for developing web applications that are dynamic, flexible and interactive
  • Open Source, easy fast &
    relatively affordable
  • Reliable, Scalable &
    better performance
  • Good OS Compatibility,
    e.g. IIS,Apache etc
  • Platform agnostic,
    works well with Linux,
    Windows, or Unix
  • Offers multi-lingual
    support, user-friendly
  • Extensible to DB’s like
    Informix, Oracle, Sybase etc
Development Process

Hire Custom PHP Developers

PHP is an open-source scripting language created to code web apps (scripts and scenarios) implemented on web servers. PHP can be easily embedded directly into any HTML page and it doesn’t depend on the user’s computer or browser speed, it works totally on the server side
PHP as a programming language is a very logical choice for rapid prototyping & deployment of both static as well as dynamic websites. Startup businesses, advertising & media agencies, & small software organizations are the most popular users of PHP
Build Quickly
Rapid Development

Web Apps can be built faster using the different PHP based frameworks like Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Yii

Cross Platform Compatibility

PHP gels well with operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc. Also supports servers like Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc


Your website functionality can be easily extended thanks to plenty of extensions and libraries available freely on the web.

Affordable Software Development
Lower Development Cost

PHP is open source & it allows building prototypes or websites pretty fast contributing to lower startup costs. Also there is a lot of free support available from a very vibrant community


PHP being open source and widely used, has a very strong community following that continuously works on identifying & fixing vulnerabilities, improving the security along the way

Robust & Scalable

PHP is can of handle any type of web development; irrespective of the project size. PHP Solutions include but is not limited to CRM's, database driven websites, etc

Our Custom PHP Services

We offer expert PHP web design & programming services for our clients across the globe at a rate that is affordable yet providng industry standard quality

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Bizmindz provides a range of services in PHP application development leveraging the strong development processes that we have developed and the many years of experience of our developers

Custom PHP application development
Custom PHP programming and scripting
Custom PHP product development
Porting & migrating existing application to PHP
PHP and Flash/Flex Integration
PHP & Active Directory Integration Services
PHP & Python/Django Integration Services
Responsive web app development with PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript
PHP & ASP.NET Integration Services
Migrating existing Perl application to PHP
Custom CMS development using PHP
Custom document management system in PHP
Responsive web development using PHP frameworks
PHP consulting services
PHP application support and maintenance
PHP web application QA and bug fixing services

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