Our Process

Bizmindz has functional teams assisting you with conceptualization,strategizing, developing, testing, & deploying software applications in fast paced sprints. Using the home grown & refined  hybrid agile development methodology, we are able to deploy features & respond to feedback quickly, incrementally refining the feature-set.
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    Requirement Analysis

    Bizmindz starts every project with an end-to-end analysis to ensure the complete understanding of the scope. This helps us lay down near accurate timelines, remove ambiguity & effectively sketch out the project effort

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    UI & UX

    Our design process starts with wireframing once the use cases have been finalized. The general structure of the major pages are coined & the user flow explained, post which the mockups are created for approval

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    Development Sprints

    The development starts with a backlog of features cut into multiple milestones ensuring our clients get tangible results very early in the development process validating the project roadmap

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    Quality Assurance

    Our testing takes place at three levels; namely unit testing done by the developer, milestone testing & end to end testing at deployment helping us deliver solutions that are stable, robust & well tested

Software Development Process

Engagement Models

Bizmindz is flexible with respect to the engagement models & provides you with a number of feasible options that you could choose from. These models are designed to address every requirement & build long lasting relationships with clients, from project based engagements to dedicated support teams.

Time & Material

We recommend this model to clients when the scope, specifications, deliverable etc are not laid out clearly at the start of the project or there is a high probability of the scope to evolve during the development stage. This model is know to provide a lot of flexibility & tends to be very efficient as well as cost effective in the long run. Some of the benefits of the Time & Material model are
  • Ramp up or downsize the team to quickly respond to market changes
  • Evolve requirements with less churn time
  • Better visibility & control over the development process
  • Stability & improved productivity over time
Dedicated Team
Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost

The fixed cost model works very well for projects where there is a clear line of sight of the scope, requirements & expectations. Less the ambiguity in scope, more the accuracy of the estimate. Key benefits of this model are
  • Lower chance of scope variance, control costs & easier to budget for the roadmap
  • Better transparency on timelines & deliverable
  • Risk mitigation
  • Easier to set mutul expectations & plan

Hybrid Model

This model is a blend of Time & Material & Fixed Cost models, giving the best of both worlds. You start with a Time & Material engagement employing a small team for flushing out the scope & preparing the specifications document, which becomes the foundation for a fixed cost estimate for the first verion of the software. Following deployment you again move to a small dedicated team to quickly respond to market changes & user feedback. This model alows you to accurately budget for the launch & at the same time allowing the flexibility for rapid changes

Our expertise covers a number of technologies & frameworks to help you develop the best software application


We offer WordPress Based Website Development, Custom development & maintenance support

PHP Development Services

Our expertise includes custom PHP development, PHP support & maintenance & utilizing PHP frameworks

Ecommerce Development
Ecommerce Development

Bizmindz can help you setup your online store quickly using storefronts like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop etc

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